Big Fish Audio Count Sampula Loops Effects CDDA-SynthX

2011 | CDDA | WAV | SYNTHX TEAM | 440 MB

Approach the dark castle, a candle smouldering by a heavy door with colossal knockers (ooer ;p) Misty, musty, a faint howl. Where wolf, there wolf. The door creaks open seemingly on its own. Step inside the dusty, cob-web beset castle. You find yourself overtaken with the horror of your surroundings when in the distance; the sound of flappin wings grow closer and closer. Then, a puff of smoke, a cough or two and suddenly before you, the freaky, the dashing, the dancing’ machine DJ… Count Sampula.

With the headphones through his cape and an MPC under one arm, the count ushers you into his Halloween party of the dancin’ freak! A compilation of some of the hottest Big Fish Audio titles like, Hardcore Breakbeat Action, Off The Hook 2, Megaton Trance Bomb and Things That Go Bump in the Night, Count Sampula hooks you up with some of his hot loops and freaky sound FX, perfect for any Halloween bash! Count Sampula is your Halloween ticket to the haunted dance party!


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