Clicksound Vadar Complextro Micro Elements 1 LOGIC PRO 9 TEMPLATE


Clicksound is proud to present Vadar’s Complextro Micro Elements 1 for Logic Pro 9.

Vadar’s bombastic Complextro House Micro Template is a compact construction toolkit containing everything you need to get going with your next project. It contains tight and punchy drums, a sub-sonically monsterous chopped bassline made up of 5 different sounds, old skool rave stabs and much more. Like with all Micro Templates available on Clicksound, they are expertly designed to be a quick and easy starting point, we give you the parts, so you can concentrate on the arrangement. You can easily add your own ideas using your own plug-ins and virtual instruments.

Everything is also set up with EQ, compression and limiting for an instant industry standard sound. This is all within a pre-configured mastering channel which uses an industry standard process using Logic Pro’s powerful built-in mastering plug-ins to make your track sound punchy, loud and clear.

Vadar has also popped in some sidechain compression on this template too for that unmistakable pumping club sound. This effect can easily be applied to any new parts that you add.

Clicksound Verdict: In our opinion, it’s the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique of Complextro, Tarantino would be proud!

Tech Specs & Info:

• Logic Pro 9 Micro Construction Template
• 128 BPM
• Required DAW: Logic Pro 9+
• EXS24, Ultrabeat, ES1 and EFM1 samples and patches
• Operating System: OSX 10.5+


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