ClickSound Vayron Calling Progressive House Template-MAGNETRiXX

Team MAGNETRiXX | 31 January 2014 | 92.3 MB

Intensely deep, euphoric and sonorous, this MIDI Construction Template for Logic Pro X is a perfect demonstration of the coolest and most sophisticatedly-understated chic style of Progressive House, brought to you by one of the hottest new electronica duos on the EDM scene today; Vayron.

We are delighted that Vayron have decided to let us in on their exclusive studio sessions after the insurmountable success of their debut single Ascent being chosen to be the official soundtrack to the launch trailer of the London attraction ‘Up at the O2’, not forgetting the successful release of their luminary, super-cool debut EP, also called ‘Ascent’, in July. So, get ready and invite this deeply refined and exquisite palette of Progressive House elements into your DAW and unleash your own rarefied creativity to build your own, totally sublime, original track.

This MIDI Construction Template is ideal if you want to create your own super-sleek, super-enlightened up-to-the-minute Progressive House track. Vayron’s ‘Calling’ builds from the start with an unearthly, kaleidoscopic and gradually evolving intro including crisp, punchy drums and percussion, subtly exhilarating and sonorous synth patterns encompassed by a sumptuous array of diaphanous, silken effects. This masterfully created MIDI Construction Template hypnotises you from the start and following the most stellar and sophisticated drop, you can truly feel the euphoria pulsing from the dance floor up.

Expertly demonstrating the arrangement structure of a Progressive House track, this template takes advantage of Logic Pro’s very own built-in EXS24 sampler and Ultrabeat Drum Sampler. Synths, basslines and pads are taken care of by Logic’s stunning built-in ES2 virtual instrument. There is no messing about with loading samples or patches either, simply open the template in Logic Pro and you are ready to start sculpting your own Progressive House track. Everything is colour coded into types of instruments and sounds so you can easily navigate around the main Arrangement Screen, knowing exactly ‘what is where’.

The great thing about all of the Clicksound MIDI Construction Templates is that all of the main elements such as drums, basslines and lead synth tracks are set up as MIDI and not bounced down as audio. This means that you can go in to each track and change any part of the structure or sound. Each MIDI track can be edited, rearranged, pitched to any key, slowed-down, sped-up, in fact you can change it in any way you want to – there are no rules and no limitations.

Vayron are truly innovative and unique in the music that they write and you can now have access to one of their latest ideas and get behind-the-scenes with them to get your hands on their production techniques and continue to craft your own.

The mastering channel for this template, utilises the awesome power of Logic Pro’s very own built-in dynamics plug-ins such as Linear EQ, Multiband Compression, Exciter and Adaptive Limiting, all resulting in a crisp, clear, loud, well-balanced and professional sounding mix. Again, you can tweak any of the settings on the mastering to fit your own style or preferred sound.

With lock and load simplicity and the highest of music production standards, the possibilities really are endless with Clicksound MIDI Construction Templates, giving you, the producer, complete control and instant freedom to exploit your individual creativity and imagination.

Clicksound – One Click, Complete Control.

Plugins used:

EXS24 Sampler
ES2 Synth

Under The Hood:

9 Drum and Percussion Tracks
2 Bass Tracks
10 Synth Lead, Pads and Atmos Tracks
12 Effects Tracks
Separate Sidechain Kick Track

Tech Specs & Info:

Logic Pro X (10) MIDI Construction Template
46 Track Progressive House Arrangement
126 BPM
This templates does not require any third party software
Download Size: 150MB
All associated samples and file are included in the download


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