Sonart Audio Colour Sonics Pianos 2.0 Pro Collection KONTAKT ISO


CS Pianos V.2.0 is a next generation virtual Piano of highest realistic that will make your dreams come true! CS Pianos V.2.0 was sampled in a perfect acoustically tuned environment with every note in 20 velocities for 40 seconds plus a piano release and noise layers using top of the line microphones and preamps recorded in 44.1 kHz/24 bit. In total, work on the ‘CS Pianos’ lasted two years. The employed as experts of Colour Sonics, and drawn from company partners.

Features in Detail:

+ Highly accurate emulation of legendary grand pianos: Yamaha C7, Steinway D,
Bцsendorfer 290, Baldwin Vertical & vintage electric keyboards: Wurlitzer,
Rhodes MK I, Rhodes MK II, Yamaha CP-80

+ Unique high-definition sampling technology.
+ New technology “AudioCoreOptimization”.
+ Faithful reproductions of pianos, including release and hammer sounds.
+ Unprecedented control over the sound characteristics.
+ Up to 20 stereo dynamic levels!
+ More than 22000 samples.
+ Extremely low CPU & memory load owing to phenomenally optimized 10 GB (!!!) Core Wav Library (Basic Kontakt 2 version).
+ 260 specially designed and optimized patches with different velocity Layer (6 to 20) and effects.
+ 2230 modern piano presets! (These presets are based on 50 specially created Synth pads. In work we used synthesizers: Roland: Jupiter 4 and Jupiter 8; Moog: Minimoog; Acces Virus and more).
+ The bonus package “Colours Of The Rainbow” with something extraordinary sounds. Using these patches, you will see what can ‘CS Pianos’ with Kontakt 2.
+ Highly optimized instrument for Kontakt 2.1


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